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"Red!!!" Someone screamed in his ear. "Ow!" Red said, having sensitive ears are annoying sometimes. "Great! You’re up! Now get Fluttershy and let’s go!" The grey pony before Red said. "Grey?" "Yep. Now come on!" Grey said as he picked up a brown/pink maned, red/yellow coated filly. "Fine." He said as he picked up the KOed Fluttershy. "...! Hey, where's Recillya?" Red asked. Then a phoenix landed on the ground with a macaw on his back. "Hello there. Did you find my bird around here?" Red asked the phoenix. It simply nodded. "She must have freaked out again. Thank you for taking care of her." Red said as he put Recillya on top of his head.

Red first took Fluttershy to her cottage and then went back to the tree house with Grey, Teal, Mika, and Coed child on Grey's back following him. Once they were in Red took the child and Recillya to his room and put them on his bed. He went back to the front room and talked with his friends.

"So what are you guys doing here?" Red asked them. "We were asked by Arceas to come to this world to help you." Grey explained. "Really? Cool! Well if we're going to be a team then let’s come up with a team name!" Red said. "Why?" Mika asked."So that way when people need our help they know who to call." Red explained. "OK! Since we are saving dimensions, why not call are selves the Dimensional Heroes?" Teal said. "Ya!" Mika agreed. "Then it’s settled from now on we are the Dimensional Heroes!" Red said. "That was fast." Grey said. "Hey. You've also played that one game too and you know how fast it was to pick out a name." Red told Grey. "...Ya I guess so."

"Anyway, who your little friend Red?" Grey asked. "Who?"Red asked. Grey face palmed. "The kid." "Oh! I don't know, I only remember Fluttershy, Recillya, and me going up that mountain." Red said. "No I went up the mountain with them." Said the child at Red's bedroom door. "Oh! Hiya! What do you mean?" Red asked her. "My name is Crimson Red, and I’m the one who was trying to stop Crimson! Not you!" "Red" said. "Huh? But I also remember doing that too though." Red said. "Ah! I see what happen!" Grey said. "What?" both Reds said. "Red you lost your memory so your Memory Ore locked up. Your personality crystal also broke, luckily a little was left so you can regrow it. But when you tried recovering your memory the spell also hit Fluttershy taking of a speck of her personality crystal and put it over yours, locking it up. Well when Crimson unlocked your memory Fluttershy's Personality Crystal fell off along with part of your Soul Crystal and Soul Jem, also a copy of your recent memories... somehow..." Grey finished.

"Well that was a mouth full. Since you’re literally a chip off the old block you can't be named Red." Red said. "Why not!?" The nameless child said. "Well one: That's my name, and two: It's a boy name." Red said. "Then come up with a name!" She said. "How about Ice Cream? And Cream for short." Red said. "Why?" Cream said. "Well that's what you look like! Your mane is pink and brown just like straw berry and chocolate, and your coat is red and pale yellow just like cherry and vanilla." Red said. "Ya! OK! For now on I am Ice Cream!" She announced.

"Hehe! Ehyep! Now head on back to bed." Red told her. "OK! Good night!" Cream said as she closed the door behind her. "How cute." Grey said. "Yep! Wait a second... you guys need names too!" Red said. "Why?" Mika asked. "Because if ponies or anybody knew we are from a different dimension, it would cause havoc among the natives." Grey said. "Exactly. So Grey you’re "Grey Scale", Teal your "Teal Sky" and Mika your "Manga Mika". I'm already Crimson Red so this should be a snap!" Red said. "Oh ya! What does your Soul Jem Holder look like?" Mika asked. "..." Red didn't say anything. "Red are you ok?" Grey asked. "...I left it in the forest... Hehe..." Red said. "...Oh..." Mika said. "Well you guys go on to bed I'm going to look for my holder." Red said. "Oh. OK, see ya." Grey said. "Alrighty you two gals get the bed up stairs, OK?" Grey said. "OK!" Mika said. "...zzz...zz...zzz..." Teal was asleep. "Hehe! Don’t worry I got her." Mika said as she picked her up with her back and went up stairs. Grey layed on the floor and went to sleep.


"Ah here it is!" Red said as he picked up his Holder. "Now just to fly on out of here." Red Open his wings and lifted off the ground and into the air. He looked up at the moon and started thinking, something he should stop doing. He's been flying for about an hour until he ran it a wall, or a door to be more exact. "Owww..." The door opens and a tall white alicorn came out. "Oh! Red! Thank goodness you’re ok!" Celestia said. "Th-Thanks! I'm sorry if I awoke you. I was just flying back to the library." Red explained. "Hehe! Well you were thinking too, because you flew all the way to my room's porch." Celestia said. Red looks around and noticed how far Ponyville is. "Oops..." Was all he said. "Hehe! So did you regain your memory?" She asked. "Ehyep. But for some reason when I got it back a child pony appeared." Red said. "Hmmm... I'll look into that. Well it’s nice to have you back!" Celestia said. "Thank you. Oh! By the way here is the real Pinkie Pie." He said as he gave the Crystal soul and the Soul Jem to her.

"Ah! Well done Red! Now I shall restore her!" Celestia said as she used her magic to restore Pinkie Pie. A bright Pink Sphere appeared where the two gems here and when the sphere disappeared Pinkie Pie was there, sleeping. Celestia put her on Red's back. "Take her back home please." Celestia commanded Red. "Yes Ma'am." Red turned to leave but stopped. "...Why me?" He asked. "You will know soon enough." She said. Red stood there for a sec then turned to leave.

"...Please don't find out..."

Red looked at the moon. "...The Factory were color is put into the sky has been remodeled and reopened." Red said to himself. "We're going to Cloudsdale." He said. "Rainbow Dash is the next victim. This is going to be a pain in the-

"Cloudsdale?" Ice Cream asked. "Yes we need to go there for are next case." Red explained. "Why?" The little Pegasus asked. "What Crimson said, it fits the description perfectly. I already sent Grey to get Da-" "She wasn't there." Grey said as he walks into the tree house. "...*sigh* Oh well. Grey did you cast that spell on you and the other two?" Red asked. "Yep." He replied. "Good. Alright you guys go in the air balloon. I'll go on ahead and look at this "new and improved" factory." Red said. "Alright." Grey and the other two said. "You stay here and look after Recillya, OK?" Red more told then asked Cream. "Alright! See ya! Be careful!" Cream wished them good luck as they flew away.

Red flew as fast as he can and made it to Cloudsdale within 30 min.s. "Here... huh?" Red looked around but the place was deserted, then he saw a Pegasus creeping around. Red digs into the clouds and hid himself. The pony was trying not to be notice but something found him. "AAH! PLEASE! NO! GO AWAY!" He was screaming. The thing came into view and it looked like a Thunder cloud with metal claws to grab things with. "NOOO! AHHH!" He screamed as the claw grabbed him and put him in the cloud. "Hmmm..." Red started thinking on how to aboard the cloud without alerting it. There was one problem though.

The one behind him caught him.
'...Hmmm?' Recillya was woken up by Red who won't stop tossing and turning. 'He's alive! ... But why is he moving so much?'

The train stopped and the door open to the car Recillya and her owner were occupying. "AAAHHH! SOMEPONY! ANYPONY! HELP!!!" The yellow Girl screamed after seeing Red. Soon after that several other ponies came. "Oh my.... Uh Q-quickly we need to get her to a medical pony!" The Blue Unicorn said. Soon after a familiar alicorn came in to view. "RED!" She screamed. Then she used her horn and teleported Red, Recillya, and herself to the castle.


"Red!" Teal said nearly fainting. "Oh my I hope he'll be ok!" Mika said. "Eh tis but a scratch, what I more worried about is why h-" "TIS BUT A SCRATCH!?! THIS IS NO TIME TO BE MAKING JOKES! HE COULD OF DI-" "Na he's dealt with much worse before." Grey interrupted Teal. "But why did he run?" Grey asked. "I wouldn't blame him, I would have run too." Mika said. "Not Red though, he will stand his ground even if it kills him." Grey explained. "Oh my..." Teal said. "Ya... that's Red for ya, heck even the creator of this story is like that!" Grey said. "Huh?" Teal and Mika were both confused. "Never mind. Hey look, they are at the castle." Grey said holding up the screen so Teal and Mika can see.

"Princess Celestia! Princess Luna! Candace! Big Brother! Anypony! Help!!!" Twilight screamed hoping someone would hear her, while Recillya was covering her ears. 'Owww...' "What is the matter Twil-!" Celestia instantly saw who was on the floor. "Red! Luna! Come here!" Celestia order Luna. "Yes Big Sist-! Oh my..." Luna saw Red in a pool of his own blood. "Quickly! Make a full moon! Twilight, take him outside!" Celestia order the two. Luna was busy making a full moon while Twilight teleported Red, Recillya, and herself outside.

Recillya and Twilight Looked up at the moon. Did the moon just... sparkle? They looked at Red, and notice all the knifes disappeared, then he was enshrouded by light. The light was blinded them and they had to look away. When they looked backed Red was standing up. Completely healed, even his wing was back. 'R-R-R-' Recillya just sat on top of twilight's head astonished. "I told you I'd be ok Recillya" Red told her. Recillya jumped at Red and hugged him while crying. "Shh shh it's ok. It's ok." He told her. "Thank you Twilight for saving me." Red Thanked her. "O-oh... It wasn't me. It was Princess Celestia's idea." Twilight said as Celestia and Luna came out. 'Oh my... There so... tall...' Red thought as he ducked in fear.

"O-oh. W-well th-thank y-y-you f-for" Red thanked Celestia. "Red what happen? Were you ambushed, outnumbered, poisoned? How did they Defeat you?" Celestia said. "I-I-I-I-I-I w-w-wasn't e-e-expecting i-i-it... s-she j-just a-attacked me.” Red said as he was now lying on the floor. "Then how were you defeated so easily?" Celestia asked. "I'm sorry..." He apologized. "Wait... you... you lost your memory!?!" Celestia realized. Then all the sudden Fluttershy came crashing in. "Flutt-" "It's Pinkie Pie! She is attacking everybody!" Fluttershy said. "Then we better get going. Luna you stay here." Celestia said. "Yes Big Sister." Luna replied.

"Who wants to help me make my cape?" The pink pony yelled out. "Hey Apple Bloom! Want to make some cup cakes!" She asked. Apple Bloom just sat there with her hooves over her head. "Ok! Prepare for the chop!" The pink pony said as she raised her axe. "Hold it Pinkie Pie!" Celestia called out. While Pinkie Pie just stood there, Apple Bloom ran away. "Awww... I needed her as the final ingredient for my cupcakes!" She complained.

"Enough!" Celestia said. "Awww, how come?" Pinkie Pie said. "Who is that?" Red asked Twilight. "That is Pinkie Pie. She is the Element of Laughter, a great baker, and very logicless..." "Element?" "Right there are 6 Elements, they are called the Elements of Harmony-" While Twilight was answering Red's questions, Celestia was demanding answers. "Why are you doing this?" "Because I need more ingredients and while I’m at it I'm also making this great cape! Look at it!"She turned so they can see it. There were only 3 Patches, two sets of wings and a horn. There was a cloud with rainbow lightning with on a sky blue coat, 3 diamonds with a white coat, and a blood red ruby with a red coat.

Fluttershy recognized two of them and started crying. "I-I was too late!!!" She cried. Twilight and Red were long done after Pinkie said look at it. Twilight started crying too. "...whose cutie marks are thoughs?" Red asked. "There Rainbow Dash's and Rarity's. And according to Pinkie Pie There both... dead." Celestia said with a slight tear in her eye. "...I would like to beg the differ, thoughs cutie marks are not theirs." Red simple said. "WHAT!?!" Pinkie screamed. "The thunder's colors are wrong and the diamonds are not design right. Witch that can only mean one thing... that pink pony is lying." Red explained. "He's right." Twilight said looking at the cutie marks closer.

"Hey. How do you spell your full name?" Red asked her. "What?! Well uh P-I-N-K-I-E P-I-E." She said. "I said your full name... not your nick name... YOU FAKE!" Red screamed. "W-WHAT!?! How- how did you, of all people, know?!?" The fake asked.  "Simple, I don't know how I knew, but I knew that wasn't Rainbow's and Rarity’s Cutie Marks. Plus every time you speak, I hear two voices. One female and one male!" Red stated. "...Wow...lot tougher then I thought. My spell should have made you lose all of your memories." The fake said. "No point hiding anymore." Then he took out a book and transformed back to his old self. He was crimson coated with a black mane and equipped with a pair of wings. "The name is Crimson and if you ever want to see your pink pie ever again then you'll find me on top of that mounting." Crimson said. "That was a bit Cliché" Red said. "SHUT IT! Be there by the end of the day or your pink friend's Crystal Soul will be no more." He threatened as he flew.

"...Well let’s go." Red said as he started walking. "Wait." Twilight said. "How did you know... all of that?" She asked with a bit of... fear in her voice? "I don't know. It just came to me." Red said. "...actually... it be better if I went alone. Recillya stay with Fluttershy" He said as he flew to the mounting. "Wait! But Red!" Twilight tried to get him to turn around but he was already long gone. "Oh well... while he saving Pinkie, we should see if Rainbow and Rarity is ok." Twilight said. 'Be careful Red' Recillya thought.

While Red was flying he felt like he was being watched. 'Hmmm... Ack whatever' He sruged it off and finally made to the mountain. "HA!" *WHAM* Red was struck on the head with something hard. "Uhg..." Red tried looking up but couldn't move. "BAM! Ha ha! Gotcha!" Crimson said. Red manages to get up but was waked in the face. "Uhhg..." Red Tried staying up this time so he could talk. "P-please... just listen..." Red begged.

"What? Now you’re going to preach to me? Jeez looks like removing your personality crystal really did change ya." Crimson said. "..." Red just stared at him with pleading eyes. "Agh! Fine! I just hope you know it not going to do you any good." Crimson told him. "You don't have to kill anyone. Just give me Pinkie Pie and we'll just be on our way and you can go back to whatever you do." Red said. "...Are you done?" Crimson asked. "Uh... yes..." Reed replied. "Good" Then Crimson wacked Red on the head again then threw him off the mountain.

"So Recillya do you remember where you and Red came from?" Fluttershy asked as they where climbing the mounting. Fluttershy was following Red in the sky but he was too fast. "I would tell you but all you can hear is me squawking." Recillya said. "Oh don't worry I can understand you!" Fluttershy told her. "Really!? That's awesome!" Recillya said. "Hehe! Thank you!" Fluttershy said.

"It might be kinda hard to explain but Red and I are from a different dimension!" Recillya told her. "Really? I think Twilight said something about that before. Hmm-" "AAAGHH!!!" Red landed in front of them hitting the ground hard. "RED!" They both screamed. "Ow..." Red got up. "I'm ok..." Red said. "What happen?" Fluttershy asked. Recillya flew over to Red and landed on his head. "I tried talking to him but after I was done he threw me off the top." He explained. "Oh. So what do we do now?" Fluttershy asked. "...I ...I need to try again" Red said as he turned around and started walking up. "W-Wait for me!" Fluttershy said. "Are you sure? You might get hurt..." Red said. "...I-I don't care! I want to help you and that what I'm going to do!" Fluttershy said. "Then sure! Let’s get going!" "OK!"

"So Pinkie, What do you think should do after I break your soul and leave this worthless dimension?" Crimson said holding up a pink Crystal Soul. "What? You were expecting me to take over this place? Na. Ponies and all that crap isn't really my thing." Crimson said. "If it's not your thing then give me the soul and leave." Red said. "You want this? Then here, and here's her Soul Jem while you’re at it." Crimson said while tossing the soul and a jem at Red. "Wha- Why didn't you give me this before!?" Red said very agitated.

"I was waiting a bit longer, but it is done now." Crimson said. "What is done?" Red demanded to know. "The Factory were color is put into the sky has been remolded and reopened. All of this was a distraction. So here’s your memories back." Crimson then shot a powerful beam at Red and knocked him out. The last thing Red heard was this:

"Oh, and don't worry about the Never lock. I've already broke it. So go look for your book in the Everfree Forest."
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"See of Complications?" Teal asked? "No. Sea Of Dimensions." Grey repeated himself. "It's like a mall with a lot of doors to different places." He explained in a way they could understand. "Maybe Red is here?" Mika said. Before Grey could say anything Arceus appeared. "Allow me to explain."

Meanwhile back in MLP Version FIM, Twilight and Spike are back in Canterlot, and Red is in the basement sleeping in his new room with Recillya on his back, also sleeping. But woke up after a starling Nightmare. 'Wow... who knew I could think of something like that... and that bear... what was up with it?' He thought. He looked at the clock. 5:47 AM. 'How lucky that I didn't sleep in.' He thought as he got up to get ready.

After he was done with all of that, he went upstairs and opens the Library. He sat at his desk with Recillya on top of his head and started reading several books, but got bored after the first or second page. Then he found a book about Dimensions. 'ooooh! What’s this?' He thought as he open to start reading the first page. Even Recillya seem to like it.

"So Red is in Dimension MLP Version FIM to break a Never Lock?" Grey asked. "Correct. There are also two other locks: A for Now Lock and A Forever Lock." Arceus explained. "But why can only Red break?" Teal asked. "...You'll find out soon enough." Arceus said. He then gave the 3 a book. "You'll need these to hold Your Soul Jems. You should wait here for Red so you can go to the next Dimension with him." Arceus instructed them. "You can count on us!" Grey said. "He can?" Teal said. "We will meet again. Until then Farewell." and just like that, Arceus was enshrouded by light and disappeared.

"Well let’s see how Red is doing." Grey said as he pulled out his "Taco Phone" that he modified out of Red bag. "Good thing I brought this along. Let’s see here... right... wha... oh... and... There! Found him!" He said. Pointing at what seem like a bubble. They a looked at it and saw a pink and brown mane, pale yellow and red coat. "That’s Red?" Teal asked. "Yep although something’s up." Grey said as he pulled up his little phone. "What’s up?" Mika asked. Grey looked at Red Stats. "He as more than one Personality Crystal!"

Red closed the book. "That was awesome! Although most of it seemed very familiar..." Red started to talk to himself. "Oh well I still have like what 11 hours till closing time?" Red said as he looked at the clock. 7:14 AM. "To be more exact, I have 10 hours and 46 min.s left." He said. "Daaaaa... da da da daaaa... da da da daaa... dada dadadad da daaaa dada daaaaa dada daaaaaa dada daaa dada daaa dada daaa dada daaaa dada dadadada-" This went on for 9 hours and 39 min.s. Recillya was sleeping on top of Red head while Red was still singing. "Dadadada da *clap clap* dadadada da *clap clap* dada-" All the sudden someone came bursting through the door. Recillya and Red was startled and hid under the desk. Red peeked through the hole on the little wall in front of the desk.

He saw a pink pony wearing a colorful cape with lots of different symbols. There were Gears with a blue background, flowers with white, paintbrush with yellow, Balloons with pink... 'Wait that’s her...' Red relied what all those symbols were... were... 'Were... other pony’s skins...' but before he could do anything a knife went through the hole and stuck in to his eye. "AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!" Red screamed. Recillya saw the Knife and started to cry. "Get behind me!" Red told Recillya. "Hi there! You want to help me make cupcakes? OH! Do also want to help me start on my Pony Ville cape to- WHAT! You have no cutie mark!? This will not do! Oh well! I'll just use your wings." She said. "WHAT! NO! PLEASE! STOP!" He speeded his wings to protect himself. But the pink ponies straiten his right wing. Held up an axe and chopped it off! "AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!" Red screamed again. He lifted his backed legs and kick her as hard as he can witch caused her to go through the wall and back outside. Red got up, picked up his lunch basket, dumped it then put Recillya in it, and ran out the door.

As he started running, a knife went flying at him and stabbed his left flank. "AAGH" He winced but kept running. She wouldn't give up and kept throwing knifes. After a while he made it to the train station, but the train was already leaving. He made a mad dash after the train, tossed the basket in, jumped and made it onto the last car. He turned to see if he lost her. She was still at the train station. "I-I made i-it." He said. He looked at himself. There was a knife in both of his flanks, a scalpel in his right ear, a cleaver in his back left leg, missing his right wing while his left is broken, and a knife in his right eye. Recillya saw what he looked like and started Bawling while hugging is front leg. Red picked her up. "Hey there don't worry I'm ok, I'm ok" He was trying to comfort her but she was still bawling. He went in to the car to pull out the knifes but he just fell to the floor. Recillya was trying to wake him, but he wouldn't. She just sat under his head and sobbed.

'Please wake up.' She thought to herself.
Through the Dimensions Chapter 8
Arceus, Pokemon, My Little Pony don't belong to me.

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"Ugh... where-?" as Red looked around trying to find out  where he is, he felt a pair of talons on top of his head. 'it's just Recillya.' he thought but then he notice he was moving without moving. "who is moving me?" he asked. "Oh! Your awake! Are you doing ok? Are you hurt?" she said. Red vision was still blurry so he couldn't see very well. "My head hurts." Red said while rubbing his head with his hooves.

"Don't worry when we get back to my cottage I'll put some Ice on it." She said. "Where are we? Who are you?" Red asked. "Where in the Everfree forest, and my name is Fluttershy." She answer. " Whats your and your bird's name?" Fluttershy asked. "I'm... I'm... Red! Yes. My name is Red, and her name is..." Red wondered a little. "is... Recillya? Yes! Her name is Recillya." Red said. "what nice names, but you must of hit your head pretty hard. can you remember why your out here?" Fluttershy asked. "Umm...Uh....Hmmm..." Red was trying to remember. "Umm... Hmmm... ugh... No I can't remember." Red finally gave up. "Well later maybe we can get Twilight to help regain your memory." Fluttershy said. "ok." Red said. 'I hope she's not to busy...' Fluttershy though to herself

Red jumped off of her back, but when he landed on the ground his leg started to hurt and he tripped. Before he could get up Fluttershy picked him up and put him back on her back. "Please stay on my back. You have a broken leg." Fluttershy told Red. "how?" Red asked. "you probably landed on it wrong. but don't worry! well get you to the hospital and they'll fix you up in no time!" Fluttershy said. Red wasn't sure why but he did not want to go to the hospital for some reason. "Do I have to?" Red complained. "hehe! You act just like Rainbow Dash when it comes to going to the hospital!" She said. 'I'll take that as a yes...' Red though to himself

Recillya walk over to Red's left flank an looked at his back left leg. She saw how it was unnaturally bent and bounce a little as Fluttershy walked. She shivered at the sight until Red garbed her and gave her a gentle hug. "Don't worry Recillya. I'll be ok." Red reassured her as she fell asleep in his arms.

When they finally made it out of the forest, Red notice the moon was out. it was in the center of the sky so he thought it was midnight. "What were you doing up this late?" Red asked. "Oh. I was taking care of three other fillys your age." Fluttershy said. "Why are you taking care of three 16 year olds?" Red asked. "your 16? oh... uh I'm sorry. I kinda assume you were 3 or 5..." Fluttershy said quietly. Red looked at himself, and he did look about that age. 'strange... whats even stranger is that I don't even remember being a Pegasus' Red thought. "Um its ok. don't worry about it." Red said.

They went into the cottage, and she laid Red on the couch. "Well as you can probably tell, the hospital is closed right now so I'll take you to it tomorrow." Fluttershy explained. "Ok..." Red said slightly annoyed that he has to go. Fluttershy grabbed a pillow and blanket for Red. "Thank you Fluttershy." Red thanked "Your welcome" Fluttershy said.

As Red and Recillya slept Fluttershy went to check on the other three. when she went up satires she herd banging coming from the guest room. "Oh boy..." Fluttershy said as she went to the room.

"Red!!!" "Red!!!" "Red!!!" Grey, Mika, and Teal were calling out looking for Red. "Where is he?" Grey asked to no one in perticuler. "I hope we find him soon." Mika said. "Me too." Teal added. All the sudden Grey's crow came flying down and landed on Grey's head. "What are you doing here?" Grey asked his crow. The crow gave him a letter. "Whats this? Let see here."

Come into the forest.

"How blunt." Grey said. "Like you aren't." Mika said. "Ah ha ha! Ya, I guess that's true." Grey said. "So should we get going?" Teal said. "Wait, Teal we can't just go in there because this letter said so." Mika said. "What if Red made it?" "No, that doesn't sound like Red." Grey said. "Ya... I guess so." Teal said quietly. "...Lets go check it out." Grey said walking into the forest with his crow on his head. "Hey! Wait for us!!!" Teal and Mika shouted.

"HELLO!" was the first thing Red and Recillya heard when they woke up. Red has heard some one scream at him before while he is sleeping many times, but Recillya let out loud squawk and flew to Fluttershy for help. "...Hiya there..." Red said tiredly. He stood up and went to find Recillya. just as he got to the satires Fluttershy was coming down with a startled Scarlet Macaw on her head. "It's ok Recillya. It was just three little foals." Red said as Recillya flew to Red and landed on his head.

"I'm Apple Bloom!" "I'm Sweetie Belle!" "And last but not least: Me! Scootaloo!" "So whats your name?" The Sweetie Belle said said. Red Thought for a second. 'They all have two names or a long name. so it would seem weird if I just said Red. Hmmm... Oh! how about-' "Scarlet Red!" Red shouted. "..." every body was silent. 'That sounded better in my head... ok how about this' "Oh! Sorry  I meant Crimson Red!" Red said. 'Ah ha swapping around my middle and first name worked!' Red thought to himself. "Uh well its nice to meet Crimson Red!" Sweetie Belle said. "Oh! you can just call me Red!" Red said.

"Uh if I may." Fluttershy said quietly. "Oh is something wrong Shy?" Red asked. "Well isn't your leg broken?" She said. 'Oh ya!' Red look at his leg. 'it looks ok, and it feels great!' he thought "Ya but I guess it healed it self." Red said. "Oh ok..." Fluttershy quilty said. "Well I guess we should go to this Twiler to see if she can help me." Red said. "um it's Twilight..." Fluttershy said, but no one heard her.

"So... this is Twi's place?" Red asked looking the tree like home. "Yes it's also her Library." Fluttershy explained. 'A tree house as a Library? How Ironic.' Red walked up to the door and bang his head on it a couple times. "That a solid door." Red said as the door open with a purple Alicorn inside. "Hello are you here to look at some books." Twilight said. "Nope. I can't even remember why were here. Hey Shy, why are we here again?" Red asked Fluttershy. "Um to see if Twilight can help you with your Memory loss." She explained. "Oh thats teribal! But, your in luck! I Been working on a new spell!" She exlplained exitedly. 'Why do I have a bad feeling about this.'

"Ok! Just stand... There!" She said pointing to a spot on the floor. "Okie Dokie Lokie." Red said. "..." Twilight and Fluttershy just looked at him. "Oookay... anyway brace yoursef!" Red stood there shutting his eyes tightly. Twighlight the used her spell and it hit Red, but for some reason a second beam was realized and it hit Fluttershy too. "Fluttershy!!!" Red Shouted. He ran twords Fluttershy to see if she ok. Fluttershy  fell backwards when she heard Red scream. "Wha-? What happen?!" She asked. 'Wha-?! How did she not notice?! Maybe only I saw it...'  Red thought to himself. When he notice that she was ducking down his ears fell. "Oh! uh sorry to startle you. I must of been my mind playing tricks with me..." Red apologized quietly. 'Why did I do that?' Red thought.

"Hmmm... it looks like I still need to work on it." Twilight said. "...! Hey Red Have you dye your Mane and Coat before?" Twilight asked. "I don't think so. Why?" Red questioned. "Well I see a little bit of pink next to your ears on your mane, some more pink at the beginning of your tail, and you have faded yellow at the bottom of your hooves and the tip of your wings." She explained. Red looked at his hooves, wings, and tail. 'Odd...' "Huh...oh well I'm not worried about it. So since I'm staying here in town, is there a inn or something I can stay at? Plus I'm going to need a job." Red asked. "Hmmm... well since I'm not here most of the time you can stay here." Twilight explained. "Ok! So I'm going to be a Liberian inside of a tree..." 'Still kinda ironic.'

"So is there like a schedule or is it open 24-7?" Red asked. "I'ts open from 6am to 10pm" She explained. "Your room is down satires. If you need any thing Owlicious will help you. She's a nice owl so don't be afraid to ask anyth-" someone bumped into her. "Oh! Sorry Twi can't really see with all these gems in my face." A little purple, green spiked baby dragon came out from behind the stack. "Why don't you put them in a bucket?" Twilight asked. "Hmmm that's not a bad idea! I'll be right back!" Then he ran up stares. Red just stared at the pile. 'That Ruby look soooo yummy!!!' Red thought as he walked twords the pile, picked up the Ruby and bit on to it making a loud crunching noise. "Red! What are you doing?" Twilight asked. "...! Oh sorry I haven't eaten yet... Hehe!" Red apologized. "You can eat gems?" Fluttershy asked. "Ya. can't you?" Red asked her. "Well... no we're ponys, not dragons." Twilight explained. "Hmmm... oh well." Red said as he continued eating the ruby. "I'm bac- HEY!" Spike saw Red eating his ruby, but before he could stop him Red already finished the ruby. "I was going to eat that..." Spiked pouted. "Hehe!" Sorry there little feller!" Red said in a country like accent.


"Grey, are you sure this was a good idea?" Teal asked. Grey did not respond. "Hey its getting dark, we should hea-" Mika was cut off when they heard a stick crack. "What was that?" Grey asked. All the sudden something swooped down and picked up the trio, and put them on its back. "Who...?" Grey asked as he looked up. 'Hey that looks like Ar-' Suddenly it turned upside down and dropped them into a pond.

Grey was expecting to be landing on his head but when he open his eyes he reslised where they where. "Where in the Sea of Dimensions!"


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