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Chapter 3: Location

"What the hell was that?" "What was that?! Your sorry?!" "SHUT UP!!! THAT WAS THE STUPIDEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN YOU DO!" "Beg all you want! What you have just done was unforgivable!" "I don't give-" *static* "-done was selfish, wrong, and just plain EVIL!!!" "Hmmm? Who are you?" "Ah well good for you. Now get out." "He can't hear you, he can only hear me." "Now you're getting annoying. I've already let you help him once, and that was one too many!" "Ok-" *static* "-OUT!" "CRY ALL YOU-" *static* -COMING TO SAVE YO-" *static*

"Ugh..." Luna felt pain. Lots and lots of pain. "Guards! Get my Chariot ready. I'm heading to Ponyville." Luna commanded. "Yes your highness." The guard obeyed. "If that dream belongs to the one my sister left to get then he may know her whereabouts."

As Chocolate awoke he found that he was hanging upside down. "What the-? Where am I!?" Chocolate demanded. "Silence traitor!" A large black figure with sharp green eyes yelled at Chocolate. "Traitor? I don't even know who you are!" Chocolate explained. "How dare you not recognize your own queen! I should have you executed for this!" The black figure said in anger. "Look! I don't know what you are talking about! I was just with Fluttershy and Twilight trying to get my memory back! Next thing I know I'm waking up to SOME RANDOM PERSON YELLING IN MY FACE ABOUT SOMETHING I DIDN'T EVEN DO!" Chocolate screamed at her. The black figure was now getting very angry. "HOW DARE YOU YELL AT YOUR QUEEN!" "I DON'T EVEN KNOW YOU!" Chocolate screamed back at her. "Hmp! Some changeling you are! At least no one was captured during that stupid wedding, while you? Just randomly picked up in the middle of a forest."

"OK! THAT'S IT!" Chocolate ripped the rope that was around him and flew down twords the queen to strike her. "That is enough!" A loud voice yelled.

They both look twords the voice and saw the Princess of the Moon, Luna. "We do not have time for this nonsense for we need to find Princess Twilight Sparkle, post hast!" "What do you mean? Did she go missing?" Chocolate asked. "I fear it may be worse then that." Luna said. "You're not saying she could have been kidnapped, are you?!" Luna didn't say anything. "You gota be kidding me. That purple alicorn got herself kidnapped? Wow how did I lose to her." The black figure said. "Quite Chrysalis, I am not in the mood after what you just pulled!" Chocolate sternly said. "My my, someone is quite moody today, whatever! I don't feel like setting up an execution, so you're here by banished from the hive, so leave." Chrysalis commanded. "FINE! I DON'T CARE! I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT YOU WERE TALKING ABOUT IN THE FIRST PLACE!" Chocolate screamed as he walked out of the hive. "You know he's not part of your hive, right?" Luna asked. "Ya I knew that after my changelings captured him. I was bored so I wanted to mess with him." Chrysalis responded, and with a sigh Luna turned and left the hive.

"How did you find me?" Chocolate asked. "I followed your dream, or nightmare to be more exact. But since it started in Ponyville I had to ask around for somepony who looked like you. Finaly somepony said that they saw you being dragged by a sketchy pony. I thought it might have been changelings and I thought right. However when I started heading for the hive, the friends of Twilight Sparkle head for the top of the mountain I asked them whats wrong but all they said was that Twilight is on top of the mountain." Luna explained. "Then what makes you think she was kidnapped?" Chocolate asked. "The way they said it." "Hmm... alright. Who are you anyway?" Chocolate asked. "Do you not recognize me?" Luna asked sounding a bit hurt. "Ah! I'm sorry but because of a memory spell put on me I only remember waking up in Fluttershy's cottage and then on. If I was sapost to remember you or meet you at sone point i'm very sorry..." Chocolate said. "Oh is that all? Then when we have Twilight rescued then we can have her take this spell off of you." Luna said. "Ok! So what mountain is she on." Chocolate asked. "The blue one there."

"Here we are." Luna said as the reach the cave. "We should see if they are in here befor going any further." Chocolate suggest. "Good idea."

"You let her GO!" A girl's voice yelled. "Who was that?" Chocolate asked. "It sounded like Rainbow Dash. Let's go." Luna said as they came closer the notice a disturbing setting. Twilight was straped to the the wall while Applejack laid on the floor motionless. Rainbow Dash cover in cuts and bruises. Pinkie Pie was lying on the ground infrount of Applejack crying, while Rarity is trying to calm Fluttershy down but with no success.

"Ok. Shut the hell up before I turn you into nothing more then a pile of ashes." And in the middle stood a black mane, crimson coated unicorn with pink colored eyes. "DON'T UNDERESTIMATE ME!!!" Rainbow screamed as she charged at the crimson unicorn. "Enough." The unicorn charged up a attack and blasted Rainbow Dash leaving nothing but a small light blue flame. "...Rainbow..." Applejack said as she slowly got up. "AJ... you're ok, but Rainbow Dash... she's... she's..." Pinkie started but couldn't finish. Every one went twords the soul and looked at it. "She's gone." Applejack said. Everybody but Applejack, Luna, and Chocolate started crying. "How could you? What did we ever do to you?" Applejack demanded. "I was only planning to deal with the purple one behind me but you all had to barge in, so it your own fault that that Rainbow horse is dead. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to deal with the Alicorn now." The unicorn said as he turned twords the Princess of Friendship and charged up another attack. "Say your pra- GAH!" Before he could do anything he was attacked by a red blur that pinned him to the ground.

"Get the f-" however before he could finish the red figure who turned out to be Chocolate started slamming his hoofs into his face. Chocolate, who appeared to be extremely angered, kept the unicorn busy while Luna took Twilight off the wall. "Thank you Luna..." Twilight said, but in a quiet voice. Twilight slowly walked twords her other 4 friends. "This... this can't be happening... she... she can't be..." Applejack tried to talk but couldn't. Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and Rarity were all crying uncontrollably. Twilight looked at the soul. "Rainbow Dash..."

"THAT'S IT!" The five ponies look twords the crimson unicorn as he blasted Chocolate with the same attack. "GAH!" Chocolate was sent flying twords the cealing, then after bouncing off the cealing he fell twords the ground and landed next to Rainbow's soul. "Forget it. Keep your stupid Princess, it dosen't matter anymore. However I will be taking this." Suddenly, a dark mist sarrounded the soul and dissappeared. "RAINBOW DASH!!!" All of the girls screamed. "So long." The unicorn turned and started to leave, but the 5 girls and Chocolate got in his way. "Who do you think you are?" Chocolate growled at him. "I am Crimson Red Chamagua, and you better remember it for I will end everything." And with that Crimson telaported.

"..." Nothing but silence filled the room. "Did he just..." Applejack started. "He did..." Chocolate said.

"Chocolate! Where are you going?" Fluttershy asked him. "I need to find Crimson. I don't know why but I get this feeling he knows something about me. Plus I think I can get Rainbow's soul back." Chocolate explained. "By your self?! But-" Chocolate but a hoof on her mouth. "For some reason I was strong enough to withstand the same blast he did to Rainbow Dash. I can take care of my self. I don't want you or any of your friends getting hurt because of me." Chocolate said.

"We don't care if you don't want us to come or not." Chocolate and Fluttershy turned twords the voice. "Rainbow Dash is are friend, and if there is a way to free her from Crimson then we're coming." The voice belong to Twilight. "We are not gona sit back and wait for ya to fetch Rainbow fer us." Applejack said coming out from behind Twilight along with Rairity and PinkiePie. "That big menie won't get away with Dashie on my watch!" Pinkie Pie said. "We will not allow such a brut take away Rainbow Dash!" Rarity said.

Chocolate sat there and started to think. "...Chocolate..." Chocolate turned his head to Fluttershy. "...Please. Let us help you." Fluttershy asked him. "*sigh* OK. You can come." Chocolate gave in. "Thank you." Fluttershy said.

Chocolate smiled after seeing Fluttershy smile. "Anyway I think Crimson knows me, so getting my memory back might be a good idea." Chocolate suggest. "Well I still remember that dispell spell." Twilight said. "Alright I'm ready then." "OK. Hold still." Twilight ready the spell. "Ready?" "Ready." Twilight blasted the spell at Chocolate, this time the spell had no recoil.

"Ugh..." Chocolate rubbed his head. "Do you remember anything?" Twilight asked. "...Yes, yes I do. Sadly I don't know anything about Crimson exept for one thing." Chocolate started. "His name. His first and middle name... never mind." Chocolate shoved it off to the side. "Anyways since I remember everything now my true name is Red, but if any of ya still want to call me Chocolate Cherry then you can. Right  now though we need to go to Canterlot." Red explainded. "Why?" "We need to get Celestia. She's the one who brought me here, to this dimension." Red explainded to Fluttershy. "I'm afraid she is not present." Everyone turned twords Luna. "What do you mean?" Red asked. "She never came back after getting you." Luna explained. "Hmmm... if she is not back yet then maybe she still between the dimesions. We got to find and open up a Dimensional Pond." Red said. "So where do we find one?" Twilight asked. "Hmmm... lets try the Everfree Forest." Red suggest. "But I've been in there many times and have never seen a lake or pond." Twilight stated. "Hmmm... I can't remember its name but what about that one pond Pinke used to creat clones of her self?" Red asked. "What about it?" Pinkie Pie asked. "Maybe that pond could be a Dimensional Pond. I know it was ment to copy who ever knows the poem or whatever, but it could also be hidding what it really is." Red explainded. "It sounds like ah long shot, but hey it worth ah try!" Applejack said. "How did you know about the pond?" Twilight asked. "It's a long story, we should get Celestia first." Red explainded. "Right" everyone replied.

"We're here." Pinkie Pie said. Red took the rock that was blocking the path and tossed it aside. "Wow! You're strong!" Rainbow Dash said. "Thank you! I just had m-" Red stopped mid-sentence and turned around. "Uh who said that?" Red asked. "Said what?" Luna asked. "...Never mind." Red walked down the path and stood near the underground pond. All the sudden something under Red scarf started glowing. Red reach into his scarf and pulled out a red ruby.

"What is that beautiful gem?" Rarity asked while staring at it. "Its my... my... something. Celsetia didn't exactly tell me how to use it yet, but if I touch the water it should open up this dimension's portals again." Red said as he put his hoof into the water. When he touch the water the pond started to glow. "Whoa!" Everybody took a few steps back. "It's opening!" Red shouted to everyone. Suddenly something jump out of the pond and landed in front of Red.

"Well its nice to see you Red!" The gray figure said. "Grey?"
Through The Dimensions Chapter 3 Location
Hiya everyone! Sorry for the insane wait, I had vacation and it was hard to connect to the Internet. Anywho here is chapter 3

Celestia, Luna, Chrysalis, Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and the Changelings belong to hasbro and Luran Fraust. while Grey Leone Wright belongs to Duisuke6467
However Chocolate Cherry/Red Crimson Chamagua and Crimson Red Chamagua belongs to me
Red Crimson Chamagua - Original Form by TheRedLeaf
Red Crimson Chamagua - Original Form
This is Red. A brave boy who wants nothing more than to become a hero, and now he will become just that AND save different dimensions he thought never existed! With his new abilities now unlocked by Celestia her self, he will face many challenging quest and make new allies, while rejoining with old friends in his story, Through The Dimensions!

Red belongs to me. But Celestia dosen't.
Red was looking around for awhile now yet, still nothing but trees. "Why am I here? Why... why can't I remember anything?" Red wonder. He can't remember where he came from, where he was going, or even who he is. All he really wants right now is to get out of this forest. "Please! Someone! Help me!" He screamed out once again with no answer. Then he just sat on the ground and started crying. "Please..." Its been hours. he felt lonely. He not scared of the forest, he scared of being alone.

Then he felt a wing over his small body. He looked up and saw a dark blue alicorn. "Don't worry. You have already been found." She simply said ads Red's vision began to blur. "Wait! What do you mean?"

Red sat up sweating and panting. "Are you ok?" Red looked to his right, there was a pale yellow coat, soft pink mane Pegasus with teal eyes. Red tried to get up and run towards her but felt a pain in his leg and fell towards the ground. However before he hit the ground the Pegasus caught him, Red hugged hir tightly and said "Help me... i'm lost, I don't remember anything, and everything hurts" and with that he just started crying again. "Shhh... it's ok..." The pegasus tried to comfort the little colt. "Why dose everything hurt?" Red asked. "Well I was out taking care of my animals until one of them pointed at the sky. I saw something falling and when I couldn't see it anymore I heard screaming. I went into Everfree to find who was screaming. When I found you I noticed the was a bunch of broken branches around you. I assumed that it was you who fell from the sky. I also think you land wrong because you left hind leg looks broken." The pegasus explained. "So you saved me?" Red asked. "Well I-" she was cut off by Red. "Thank you. Thank you very much Ms..." Red fell silent. "Just call me Fluttershy."

Fluttershy told Red that he needed to stay on the bed until she was done taking care of her animals. Then she was going to take him to the hospital. "Fluttershy?" Red called for her. "Yes?" "Do you know who I am?" Red asked. "...No I don't recall ever meeting you." After hearing that Red frowned. "B-but don't worry. I'm pretty sure my friend, Twilight, can help you. But for nown what do you want to be called?" Red thought for a bit but couldn't come up with anything. "I don't know..." Red said sadly. "Then how about we call you... Chocolate Cherry?" Fluttershy suggest. "I like that!" The newly dubbed Chocolate said

"Great! I'm almost finshed, so be going in a little bit." Fluttershy said. "Can I help?" Chocolate asked. "I'm sorry but you can barely walk." Fluttershy explained. "But I can fly!" Chocolate said as he flapped his wings and started flying. "Well... If you insist." Fluttershy said. Chocolate smiled and went with fluttershy to help her.

Chocolate laid on Fluttershy's back sleeping as she walked to the hospital. 'He must still be tired after what happen yesterday.' Fluttershy thought. After arriving at the hospital Fluttershy went up to the the front desk. "Excuse me. Ms.Redheart?" Fluttershy asked in a quiet tone. "This pony on my back fell from the sky yesterday and hit his head on some branches and broke his left hind leg." Fluttershy explained. "Oh my. Is there anything else we should know?" Redheart asked. "Well, he also dosen't remember anything." Fluttershy said. "I see. Well we will see to it that he heals properly." And with that Chocolate was sent to a patient room, while Fluttershy waited in the waiting room.

Chocolate woke up and noticed that he isn't with. "F-Fluttershy?" Chocolate said quietly. He was about to get up until he felt pain flow through his back leg. He looked back and saw that there was something hard on his leg. "Fl-Fluttershy! Help me!" Chocolate called out. Soon a nurse came in to see what was going on. "What the matter?" "NO! PLEASE DON'T HURT ME! FLUTTERSHY!!! HELP!" Chocolate screamed as he started backing up with his 3 good legs and hid under the blanket. "Sweetie I'm not going to hurt you." The nurse tried to calm him down but failed. "Fluttershy..." Chocolate started crying and refused to get out from under the blanket.

"Ms.Shy, we need your help." Fluttershy looked up in confusion. When got back to Chocolate's room Fluttershy heard crying. "What happen?" Fluttershy asked. "Well I heard him asking for help but when Ii came in and asked what wrong he panicked and begged me not to hurt him then he started screaming for your help." Redheart explained. Fluttershy walked up to Chocolate. "Chocolate? Are you ok?" Chocolate peeked out ofthe blanket and gasped. "Fluttershy!" Chocolate grabbed on to her. "Please don't ever leave me again!" Chocolate hugged her. "Shhh... it's ok, it's ok." Fluttershy said.  'He... really hates being alone by himself or with ponies he dosen't know.' Fluttershy thought.

"Why am I here?" Chocolate asked. "Remember? We came here to get you leg checked. But you tired your self out helping me earlier, so you fell asleep on my back after we were done." Fluttershy explained. "Oh... but I want you to stay here with me. Please?" Chocolate asked. "Ofcoarse I will." Fluttershy said.

As Chocolate and Fluttershy walked out of the hospital Fluttershy  began to show a little worry. "What's the matter Fluttershy?" Chocolate asked. "WeIl all the did was wrap your leg up." Fluttershy said worryingly. "Well it was just a sprang." Chocolate said. "Ya but, when I found you that night, your leg was bent unnaturally." Fluttershy said. "It was night time so you probably couldn't see all that well." Chocolate explained. "Your probably right. I guess you can only see so much under a half moon." Fluttershy said. "So, what do you want to do?" Fluttershy asked. "Can we see if we can get my memory back?" Chocolate asked. "Hmmm... maybe we can ask Twilight. She had alot of books in her castle." Fluttershy said. "Ok!"

As they walked to Twilight's castle Chocolate was becoming hungry. "Oh my! Was that that your tummy?" Fluttershy asked. Then Fluttershy's stomach grumble too. "Hehe! I was in such a hurry to get youok to the hospital that I forgot to make breakfast. Let's say you and me get some food." Fluttershy said. "Yes please!" As they started walking to the restaurant they saw a white unicorn with a well style dark blue mane with a purple and green baby dragon pulling a cart full of "gems..." Chocolate look at the cart and began drooling a little.

"Hi Rarity! Hi Spike! How are you two doing?" Fluttershy asked them in a quiet but happy tone. "Hi Fluttershy! We're doing great! We just got  back from the gem area." Spike replied. "Ah yes! This next dress I'm making is going to be absolutely fabulous! But ehhehe, I kinda ran out gems so I got Spike here to help me get some more! I was only going to get a few sapphires and dimonds but there was so much that I got some extra jewels!" Rarity explained. After she was done they all heard a crunch, they turned twords the cart and saw Chocolate sitting on top of it eating a ruby. "Mmmm!!!" Chocolate was enjoying the so much that he didn't see that all three of them were staring at him. "So Fluttershy, who your little friend here?" Rarity asked while watching Chocolate eat. "Oh! This is Chocolate Cherry, or at least that what we're calling him for now until he can remember who he he is." Fluttershy explained. "Oh my. What happened to the poor dear?" Rarity asked. "I don't know, I just found him in Everfree Forest. I saw something falling from the sky before I found him so I think it was him."  Fluttershy said. "Wow that's sounds rough! But he looks like a normal pony so why is he eating gems?" Spike asked. "Well we were going to get something to eat, but I guess he dosen't eat normal pony food. He's probably part dragon or something." Fluttershy said. "Maybe we can get Twilight to help! She will most likely have something in her library." Spike suggest. "Most definitely darling. Here," Rarity levitated some rubies in a bag and Chocolate on Fluttershy's back. "have some rubies! I'm pretty sure Twilight is back at her castle. Good luck dear! Let's go Spike." Rarity called out. "Yes Ma'am!" Spike replied. "Ok!" Fluttershy started. "Guess I better get my food. You think you have enough Chocolate?" Chocolate noded. "Alright then! I should get my own food then we can head to Twilight's."

*knock knock* "Coming!" A voice called from inside. "So what Twilight like?" Chocolate asked. "Well she loves to read and study, and stay organized. But sometimes she gets a bit overboard, however it seems she has gotten better about panicking when something dosen't go right." "I wasn't that bad." Fluttershy was startled when Twilight open the door and started speaking. "Oh! Hi Twilight! Can you help us? Chocolate here has some sort of memory loss problem and we were hoping you can help him." Fluttershy explained.

"Hmmm... well it seems he has 1... 2... 3... 4! 4 spells on him. There's memory loss, transformation, age, personality spells on him. My who ever did this to him really didn't want the real him running around to the point were he dosen't even look like himself." Twilight said. "I think I have a book that has a deactivation spell in it. Fallow me." Twilight leaded them to the castle library. When they enter Chocolate stared in awr struck. "Wow! Look at these books! I could be in here for years and only get 1/10 of these done!" "Yep! It's pretty big! Now lets see here..." Twilight started searching for the deactivation spell while Chocolate look around the Library.

"Wow... hmm?" Something caught Chocolate's eye. "Di-dim-dime-" "Dimension Ponds." Fluttershy said. "What are thoughs?" Chocolate asked. "Well," Twilight started "They're ponds that can send you to different dimensions, but they're just a old ponies tail because no pony has ever found one." Twilight finished. "Hmmm..." Chocolate wasn't sure why it sounded familiar, but it just did.

"Ah! Here we go!" Twilight said as she put the book down. "Alright! Stand back!" Twilight aimed her horn twords Chocolate. "Are you ready?" Twilight asked. "Y-yes..." Chocolate quietly but loud enough for her to hear. "Ok! Brace your self. This spell might be a bit powerful considering how many spells you have on yourself." And with that Twilight fired her spell causing Chocolate to be blasted through the wall and into the next room. "AAAHHH!" Chocolate screamed in pain as he hit the wall.

"CHOCOLATE!!!" He heard Twilight and Fluttershy screaming before another blast hit him sending him out the window.
Through the Dimensions Chapter 2 Help me Remember
Fluttershy, Redheart, Rarity, Spike, Twilight, Celestia, and the Alicorn in the dream are not mine! However Red Crimson Chamagua or AKA Chocolate Cherry is. Also sorry if Red seems like a big baby but because of the age spell that's how he acts. That's the way he was when he was younger.
Note: This story has gore, violence, and mild swearing

Read Discription for:
Link to next Chapter

Red is driving too his... "used to be" friend's town. He was visiting her so he could apolagize for something. Red's U.T.B. friend, Teal is pretty upset about something Red did, and didn't talk to him all that often. 'I can't believe that I was such a dumba-' Red was thinking untill his phone beeped, telling him he had a text.

When Red got to a gas station he checks his phone. [Unkown: hey Red where are you?] Red looked at it for a sec, slightly confused. [Red: Who is this?] [Unkown: Its Grey just got a new phone someone ran over my last one still pissed.] Red simply stared at the screen. [Red: Not gona ask. I'm heading to Teal's town. I texted ya but I'm going to assume you didn't see it.] [Grey: yep text me when you start heading back] [Red: Ok. See ya.] [Grey: see ya]

Red just looked at his phone. *Chirp* "Oh? Ah. Sorry just spaced off Recillya." Red tried to asure her put the scarlet macaw knew better knowing how her friend is. *Chirp...* "Its ok. Don't worry." He said as he petted her. 'I wish he tell me what's wrong' Recillya thought. "Anyway," Red said in a uplifting tone. "I don't need any gas so lets get going!"

As they arived to town Red was getting a sick feeling in his stomache. 'I really don't want to be here... but I have to apolagize...' Red was lost in thought again. 'But what if she... no she wouldn't do that... I hope...' *Sigh...* *Chirp?* "Ah! Oh. Its uh, nothing. Don't worry about it." Before Recillya could object, they arived at their destenation. Red rolled down his friend's window. "Wait here, alright?" Recillya noded. "Good! I'll be back.

As Red walked up to the door he was repetivly stumbling over his own feet. Once he got up on the porch, he ajusted his glasses and sky blue scarf with a big yellow button on one end, and the word, Mom, on the other end. He moved his red home made bird hat, he basicly fiddled with every little thing so he could avoid knocking on the door.

He probably stood there for about 10 minutes. He sighs and pulled out a letter just incase he wasn't able to knock. He slipped the paper in the door, and left. When he got back in his car, he started up, and drove off. After a while of sincless roaming he parked in frount of the forest inside of town. He turned off his car and just sat there.

*Chirp?* Red looked at Recillya. "You're not going to stop worring, are you?" She shook her head. "Thanks, but... I'm ok." Red said looking down at the floor his feet are on. As he sat there he started to get this weird feeling. He looks up. "...Hm?" He gets out of his car and looked around. He finally spotted a robed person in the distence. It just stared, as if its waiting for Red.

Red got his costom made buster sword, Crimson Blood, out of the back seat of his car and straped it to his back. He was horrible at handaling guns so he usuly used melee weopons, tipicaly very heavy ones. It was unfinished though, he's still trying to find a ruby to put in the middle of it.

"Come on Recillya." Red ordered as Recillya flew over to him and landed on his head. As he walked twords the robed person, it walked into the forest. "Hey!" Red shouted as he ran after it. He entered the forest and walked for a while untill he saw a pomd. "Where is he?" Red said. He looked at the pond and noticed how clean it is. "Whoa. I never seen water this clear before." He went up to the water and dipped his hand in it. "What the-?" A blue arua wraped around Red's Neck and lite up. After the light died down Red saw that he was now wearing a neckless. It looked like a crimson ruby with a chiped bottom. "Hu?" When he touched it a voice played in his head. 'Think of the word "Red".' "What?! Who?!" Red just stood there for a little bit and touched his ruby and thought of the word 'Red'.

After he thought the word, red arua sarrounded him as words begin to appear. Exit, Options, Forms, Abillaties, Ecuipment, Stats, Scaner, and much more. "What in the world?" Red exited the Arua Menu. When his ruby asborbed the red arua he saw two creatrues next to the lake. When walked up to them he noticed that they we're "Princess Celestia? Arceus?" Red asked. They both turned around and looked at Red. "Hello Red. We are here to ask you for your help." Celsetia started. "You see a boy who looks very simaler to you has been teraizing are, and many others, dimensions. We want you to do what you can to stop him." Arceus finished. "Why me. I mean other then the fact that this kid looks like me, is there a special reason why you would pick me? Why don't you get somebody like the Doctor or someone who is experinced in this kinda thing?" Red asked. "Well you see, the Doctor is curently busy with his own problems, and we know you can do it. We just need to take off your Status Cap." Celestia explaned.

"My Status Cap? You mean I was holding back all this time?" Red asked. As Red cap was being taken off Arceus explained. "Yes. The Goddess of Hyrule was scaning over the dimesions with me one day and when we started scaning over your dimesion we saw how powerful you we're. We put a lock on your abilatys untill they were needed." "As of right now?" Red asked. "Yes." Arceus awnsered. "There we go." Celestia said as she finished taking off the cap. "Ok. So where do I need to go first?" Red asked. "The boy is currently in my dimesion, so I'll take you there." Celsetia said. "Alright! Oh and uh Celestia?" Red began. "Yes?" "While I'm doing all this can you take care of  Recillya for me?" Red asked as he took Recillya off of his head and placed her on his arm. "Ofcoarse I can." She said with a smile. "Alright Recillya, you be good for the princess,ok?" Red commanded. Recillya noded. "Good! She's very shy so she won't open up till later." Red explainded as he put Recillya on Celstia's back. "Ok. Ready to go?" Celestia asked. "Ehyep!" Red said after ajusting his glasses and scarf, and made sure the strap his sword was in is secured.

"Then lets go." Celestia said as she went into the lake with Red fallowing her. As soon as Red's head was under water He started floating in a space that seems to be between the dimesions. "This way Red." Celestia called out to Red as he started fallowing her. "So... where are we?" Red asked. "We are in a space that connectecs all of the dimensions. The lake we walked into is called a Dimensional Pond, even though its called a pond they can be as big as the ocean or as smale as a puddle. However only people with a specail pass can go through them, for exaple, your purple eyes is your pass." Celestia explaned. "But my eyes are dark brown." Red said. "Well durning spiceal times they will turn purple to show someone or something that your part of the Dimensional Heros." She explained some more.

"Dimesional Heros... huh... wait! Dose that mean there are otheres that will help me out?" Red asked. "Yes. You'll come across them during your travels. Infact your friend, Grey, is also one!" Celestia said with a smile. "Really?! Thats AWESOME!!!" Red was doing a childish dace after finding out he gets to save the dimensions with is friend. 'He wasn't kidding when he told his friends he's a child at heart. "Arceus should be ariving with him so-" Befor She could finish, a spell hit Red. "GAAHH!!!" He screamed as the spell also pushed him into a portal that seem to be above the Everfree Forest. "RED!" Celestia tried to get Red but another spell flew past her amd destroied the portal. "Don't you dare interfeer with my plans again." Celestia turned around to see who said it but didn't see anyone. *Chirp...* Recillya seem to start crying. "Don't worry Recillya. We'll find him." Celestia said reasuring her.

"Whoa!" Red saw how far he was falling so he tried ballencing him self. while he was doing so he was asbord into a sphear of light and was transedformed into a small, young colt. "What?! Why am I-" Red suddenly hit his head on a very thick branch, then strated hiting other branchs and finaly landed on his left hind leg with a load crack. "AAAAGHH!!! Hngg!!! Ahhh!!!" Red felt the pain surging through his leg while having a teribal head ache. Soon after he was out cold. A figure aprouched Red, picked him up and left.
Through The Dimensions Chapter 1 A Call For Help
Grey, Celestia, Arceus, and the Doctor don't belong to me. However Red, and Recillya do belong to me. Now that out of the way I must first apologize for restarting this story but it was getting nowhere. The dream sequence was confusing and everything made no sense.


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